A King Steel worker uses a flat bed truck to unload steel wire from a box car.

3 Benefits of Working With a Steel Logistics Provider

King Steel is a trusted supplier of high-quality steel bar, rod, and wire solutions. We also help manage steel supply chains by sourcing, validating, transporting, storing, and delivering steel products.

Working with a steel logistics provider like us offers three immediate benefits, including:

1. Fewer Supply Chain Disruptions

Improper routing, accidents, or raw material damage can wreak havoc on your production scheduling. Regardless of why supply chain disruptions occur, working with a logistics partner with the inventory, experience, and resources helps immediately resolve or prevent these issues.

Steel logistics providers like King Steel offer inventory management and predictive analytics to anticipate and address bottlenecks before they escalate. Additionally, our team understands federal and state regulations regarding steel and can help prevent compliance issues, which would result in shipment delays and potential fines.

2. Improved Risk Management

Managing a supply chain is ultimately about reducing risk. Missed deliveries, inaccurate or incomplete orders, transportation mishaps, and receiving the wrong steel grade are common issues. However, it’s how these issues are addressed that ultimately determines success or failure.

Unfortunately, in many instances, companies often have no choice but to place a rush replacement order with another steel provider. This increases costs and doesn’t entirely solve the problem. The ideal solution is to work with a steel provider with an expansive inventory of products and a large warehouse footprint.

3. Cost Savings

A drone shot of King Steel's logistics warehouse, right next to rail siding. On the rail siding are four box cars.

As your company grows, the pressures on your supply chain grow, too. Ensuring the supply chain continues to function smoothly involves either expanding with new warehousing and hiring more employees or reducing costs by partnering with a logistics services provider.

King Steel has over 40 locations throughout the United States, including a rail yard and multiple warehouses and service facilities. We can help reduce costs by freeing up your internal resources and improving supply chain inefficiencies. Finally, by ensuring you receive industry-specific and approved steel, you won’t be hit with penalties for non-compliant steel.

King Steel’s Logistic Services

A flat bed truck with a ramp is pushed against a box car. Next to the ramp is a wrapped steel wire that has just been unloaded from the boxcar.

With a 100,000-square-foot rail yard and a world-class ERP system, King Steel is fully equipped to handle your inventory management, including transloading, storage/warehousing, and paperwork. 

Our team can handle, store, and deliver steel shipments from various statewide sources and can service the following cars:

Wire Rod Coils:

  • Boxcars
  • Coil Cars
  • Flat Cars
  • Gondolas

Wire on Carriers:

  • Boxcars
  • Coil Cars
  • Flat Cars
  • Gondolas

Long Bar:

  • Flat Cars Only

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