Founded over 50 years ago, King Steel is an ISO-certified supplier of hot-rolled and cold-drawn steel bars, wire rods, and steel wire. We proudly serve clients in a wide array of industries throughout North America, including agriculture and manufacturing.

Hot round metal bar passing through heat treatment machines

King Steel provides hot-rolled and cold-drawn steel bars for all types of agricultural applications, including harvesting equipment, storage facilities, fasteners, gears, and more. As a member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturing Association, we also know that agricultural manufacturers need steel that is strong, durable, malleable, and resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion.

King Steel carries several grades of low-carbon, hot-rolled and cold-drawn steel with superior formability, weldability, and machinability. We also offer steel in two types of quality levels: special quality (SBQ) and merchant quality (MBQ); our SBQ steel bars are ideal for critical applications, including forging, while our multi-use MBQ steel is ideal for applications that require bending, forming, or punching.

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