Our Team

The team at King Steel boasts an impressive resume of experience in the steel industry. Our experts are extensively educated on not only the products and services that we offer but the industry that we have called home for over 50 years. We possess a united front, continuously striving to improve our product line, develop new programs, and advance our processes.

From the ground up, we provide our employees with the necessary resources to succeed and thrive in our ever-growing business. We believe that by investing in our talent, we are investing in our future.

King Steel Truck


Doug King

(810) 953-6262

Dave Scribner

Vice President
(810) 953-6263

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Sales & Support

Erik Timpf

(810) 953-6260

Mike Sterling

(810) 953-6253

Sean Sterling

(810) 953-6265

Darrell DeWitt

(810) 953-6268

Mike Shall

(810) 953-6264

Nick Zehr

(810) 953-6255

Dave Fejedelem

(810) 953-6275

Manuel (Manny) Alvarez

General Manager/Sales, Mexico

Chad Hetherington

Sales Assistant
(810) 953-6271

Rebecca Brown

Sales Assistant
(810) 953-6270

Jonathan Mawhinney

Sales Assistant
(810) 953-6277

Josh Shell

Shipping Manager, Florence
(843) 292-0907

Jon Schnebel

Heat Treat Operations Manager
(402) 844-4137

John Tomaszewski

Production Supervisor, Holly
(810) 603-1087

Jamie Scott

Plant Manager, Holly
(810) 603-1087

Jason Hoeft

Quality/GM, Holly
(810) 953-6250

Tim Schultz

Accounts Receivable Manager
(810) 953-1718

Greg Zielinksi

Accounts Payable Manager
(810) 953-6251

Kathy Addington

(810) 953-6248

Jimmy Cummings, Jr.

General Manager, Corporate Operations
(810) 953-6272

Jill Schnebel

Receiving Manager, Norfolk

Mitch Anderton

Metallurgist, Norfolk

Ramona Tessier

Receiving Manager - Holly

Jake Sloan

Metallurgist - Holly

Chris Rumble

Human Resources

Kathy Greene

Purchasing Assistant

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