Processing Capabilities

The experts at King Steel understand that each job or project is unique and that each requires its own set of products. This is why we proudly offer a number of processing capabilities that ensure we are meeting the needs of each and every customer who reaches out to us.

Our vast portfolio of processing capabilities includes heat treating, quenching, and tempering, turning and polishing, saw cut blanks, machining, descaling, shot blast and more.

The Process of Heat Treating

King Steel has two state of the art induction quench and temper lines. We have the ability to quench and temper diameters ranging from ¾” up to 4” and lengths from 20’ up to 60’. We can process a variety of carbon and alloy grades of steel. Our induction process allows us to hold tight hardness tolerances and provide a bar that has consistent hardness tolerances throughout every inch of the bar. The benefit of using quench and tempered product is that customers typically do not need to further heat treat the parts after production. Our products are used in the construction, automotive, oil and gas, gun barrel, and fastener industries.

  • Normalize: Normalizing involves heating the steel to an elevated temperature, followed by slow cooling to room temperature. The heating and slow cooling changes the microstructure of the steel which reduces the hardness and increases ductility.
  • Stress Relieve: Stress relieving is the treatment of a metal or alloy by heating to a predetermined temperature below its critical temperature followed by air cooling. The primary purpose is to relieve stresses that have been absorbed by the metal from processes such as forming, straightening, machining, or rolling.

The Turn & Polish Process

The turned and polished process is used when surface quality and dimensional tolerance is critical. This process involves starting with a hot rolled bar, and “peeling the surface” to create a smaller diameter bar product that will be seam and decarb free. The turned bar will have very tight dimensional tolerances and have no surface defects.

Saw Cut Blanks for Any Application

As a premier supplier of gram weight tolerance and precision-cut steel bar and tubes, King Steel has numerous saw blanks available for many different applications. Our cold saws use a circular shaped blade that is designed specifically for the unique grade and diameter of the product being cut. This machine allows us to provide blanks with both unmatched accuracy and in a time-effective manner.

We also offer a band saw that is equipped to cut bundles of steel bar or tube, as well as run smaller bar cutting jobs quickly and efficiently. The band saw utilizes a long blade that provides a wide range of diameter and allows us to run multiple bars or tubes at one time. Contact King Steel today to learn more about our saw cut blanks.

  • Blanks
  • Bundle Cut


Machining is a controlled process where a piece of raw material is cut into a predetermined shape and size. Machining plays a role in the manufacturing of most metal products and is generally executed via mills, lathes and other cutting machines. The three main parts of machining are turning, drilling, and milling, and depending on your application, any number of them can be utilized.

King Steel specializes in a variety of machining operations to customize your steel products:

  • Straightening: The experts at King Steel can straighten your steel wires or bars to meet the needs of your desired application.
  • Grinding: King Steel’s heavy machinery allows us to grind your materials to your desired finish.
  • Shaping: King Steel is fully equipped to shape your materials to your desired specifications.
  • Chamfering: The chamfering process makes a bevel, groove or furrow on a steel product which removes the burr from the end of the bar.

Descaling & Shot Blasting

Descaling can be achieved either chemically or mechanically. Through chemical means, the steel is dropped into hydrochloric or sulfuric acid which removes the scale. When the steel comes out, it is immediately coated with either lime, phosphate, or polymer lubricant which helps with lubrication and rust prevention. Bar products are also sometimes coated with oil.

The mechanical process involves either a series of reverse bends which breaks the scale into powder or flakes and also shot blasting, which involves shooting the steel with small pellets at high speeds. Once the scale is removed, it is highly susceptible to rust, so it is typically coated with lime, phosphate, polymer, or oil.

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current testing or ECT is an electromagnetic testing method that utilizes magnetic fields to find surfaces defects, corrosion or cracks on conductive metals. The current probes take in information based on the flow of the magnetic field and relay the findings to an accompanying instrument. This instrument then utilizes software to show a visual representation of the physical attributes of the material.

This testing is vital on materials whose shortcomings would result in serious consequences. The experts at King Steel are trained and ready to utilize eddy current testing on your materials that require this additional necessary protocol. Contact us today to learn more about how we can test your materials and ensure they are ready for usage.

Straightened & Cut Wire

Straightened & cut wire is created utilizing wire coils that are straightened and cut to a certain length via various machines. The length and type of cut is determined by the application the wire is being used for. The cut ends may be chamfered, deburred, or finished to the desired size and shape (hexagon, square, round).

Depending on the straightening option, certain mechanical properties will be impacted, particularly tensile strength. King Steel has straightening and wire cutting technology that allows us to provide you with exactly what’s needed for your unique project. To learn more about how we can help you with all of your straightening and cutting needs for wires, contact us today.

Inventory & Warehouse Locations

With over 40 warehouse locations dispersed throughout North America that are regularly stocked with new inventory, King Steel is prepared to provide you with the products you need when and where you need them. We are a world-class provider of a vast array of steel wire, steel bar, and wire rod products, and offer a wide selection for numerous applications and industries.

Taking customization one step further, we offer stocking programs that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. We even provide firm pricing models that ensure your costs will never rise throughout the life of your contact with us.


King Steel provides reliable transloading services at our newly built, 100,000-square-foot rail yard. Our team can transload and handle wire rod coil shipments on box cars, coil cars, flat cars, and gondolas and long bar shipments on flat cars.

A King Steel worker uses a flat bed truck to unload steel wire from a box car.

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