Founded over 50 years ago, King Steel is an ISO-certified, industry-leading supplier of metals and steel products. We proudly help manufacturers in many industries throughout North America. No matter what type of product you need, you can count on us for flexible delivery, quality, and exceptional customer support.

Group of nuts, bolts, and screws made from steel

Hot-Rolled & Cold-Drawn Steel Bars

King Steel supplies both hot-rolled and cold-drawn steel bars in varying shapes, grades, and quality levels. The most common types of steel bars we sell for manufacturing applications include our SQB (special bar quality) 1018, CFQ (cold finish quality) 1018, MBQ (merchant bar quality) A572GR50, and MBQ A572GR60.

1018 Special Bar Quality (SBQ)

1018 SBQ is a low-carbon steel with exceptional formability. It’s an ideal choice of steel when manufacturing critical parts with tight dimensional tolerances or complex geometries.

1018 Cold Finished Quality (CFQ)

1018 CFQ is a highly machinable low-carbon steel ideal for a wide array of applications. When compared to the standard hot-rolled 1018 steel, CFQ offers a smoother and brighter surface finish and higher yield and tensile strength in critical parts.

A572GR50 & A572GR60 for Merchant Bar Quality (MBQ)

MBQ is a low-alloy, carbon steel. It’s typically used in applications when bending, forming, stamping, or punching is required. In some applications, it can be welded. However, for the most part, this is general-purpose steel. MBQ is commonly used for railings, steel frames, or other steel structure requirements.

Wire Rods

King Steel regularly stocks over 30,000 tons of steel wire rods in our inventory, making us one of the largest sources of mesh, industrial, high carbon, or cold-heading steel wire rods in the United States.

1006 Carbon Steel Wire Rods

1006 carbon steel wire rods have a multitude of industrial applications. Because 1006 is low-carbon steel, it has excellent weldability, formability, and bending properties, making it the ideal solution for construction applications like concrete piping. These rods are also suitable for fencing, wire mesh and cloth, and other applications like nails and fasteners.

1008 Carbon Steel Wire Rods

1008 is a low-carbon, cold-rolled steel wire rod that’s ideal for low-stress applications. Like 1006, it can be used as mesh for fencing, wire hangers, shelving, and nails.

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