Founded over 50 years ago, King Steel is an ISO-certified supplier of high-quality steel products, including hot-rolled steel bars, cold-drawn steel bars, wire rods, and steel wires. We proudly serve agricultural equipment manufacturers throughout North America, and are committed to providing fast delivery, exceptional customer support, and better customization.


Our high-strength, corrosion-resistant galvanized steel can be found in all types of agricultural equipment, including feeding equipment and machinery, conveyors, tractors, tools, storage tanks, milk coolers, cutting machines, and more. No matter what your application requirements are, we’re dedicated to helping you find the most cost-effective and high-quality option.

Scaled steel flat bars stacked

Common Metals Used in Agricultural Equipment

King Steel provides several steel grades that are ideal for agricultural equipment manufacturing, including A36, F1554 GR 55, 1018, and 1045. These are available as either hot-rolled steel bars or cold-drawn flat bars.

  • A36 is low-carbon steel: commonly found in farm gates, fences, spray applicators, and mesh.
  • F1554 GR 55(Grade 55 steel): low-to-medium carbon steel with high strength and meets ASTM F1554 criteria for bolts and fasteners.
  • 1018 and 1045 steel: are both hot-rolled and are generally used when manufacturing farm equipment machinery parts, including gears, axles, crankshafts, and pistons.

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